The Firm handles a wide variety of labor and employment law matters for businesses and individuals.  A former investigator for the Delaware Department of Labor, G. Kevin Fasic is the primary contact for labor and employment law issues.  His practice is primarily management based and includes consulting, risk management and counseling services as well as litigation.  Mr. Fasic represents clients before all levels of administrative agencies, boards and tribunals as well as all levels of trial and appellate courts, both state and federal, throughout Delaware.

Mr. Fasic’s litigation experience includes employment discrimination, wage and hour disputes, prevailing wage and Davis Bacon, non-compete agreements, unemployment, child labor, whistleblower protection claims, unfair labor practices, minimum wage, federal civil rights claims, employment contracts, employee benefits, independent contractor disputes, and overtime claims.  He represents employers and employees in these disputes at all levels of trial and appellate courts in Delaware, including the Superior, Chancery and Supreme Courts (state), as well as the United States District Court for the District of Delaware (federal).

Consulting and risk management services include employee handbooks, policies, severance packages, employment contracts, hiring and termination concerns, pre-employment screening, severance packages, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, ownership transitions, independent contractor agreements, compensation agreements, family and medical leave act planning, military leave planning, background checks, labor disputes and elections, workplace safety and health issues, personnel files, employee monitoring and privacy, record keeping and personnel files, confidential information and trade secret security, and employment at will issues.

The Firm also has experience with workers’compensation claims and representation before the Industrial Accident Board.