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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

On August 22, 2018, David White, Esq. of McCarter & English issued an arbitration award and opinion in the matter of Nicole Bustamante v. Preferred Construction Inc. awarding Mrs. Bustamante the full amount of damages she was seeking as a result of Preferred Construction's negligent renovation of her historic Old New Castle row home.

In addition to the cost to make repairs to the home, which Mr. White determined was $80,841.00, Mrs. Bustamante was also awarded legal fees, litigation costs, carrying costs and pre- and post-judgment interest for a total award of $147,081.28.

Mr. White presided over the binding arbitration hearing which took place in June of 2018.  Mrs. Bustamante was represented by Cooch and Taylor litigators Chris Lee, Blake Bennett and Dean Roland.  Mr. Lee presented Mrs. Bustamante's case to the arbitrator in the hearing.